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Top 30 hockey slangs you must know

Here are the top 30 hockey slangs you should know:

  1. Hat-trick – When a player scores three goals in one game
  2. Puck – The rubber disc that is used in the game
  3. Zamboni – The machine used to resurface the ice between periods
  4. Top shelf – A shot that goes in the top part of the net
  5. Five-hole – The space between a goaltender’s legs
  6. Snipe – A well-placed shot that beats the goalie
  7. Dangle – To deke or fake out an opponent with the puck
  8. Chirp – To trash talk or insult an opponent
  9. Enforcer – A player whose primary role is to fight and protect their teammates
  10. Grinder – A player who works hard and doesn’t give up easily
  11. Puck bunny – A female fan who is primarily attracted to hockey players
  12. Blue-liner – A defenseman
  13. Power play – When a team has a numerical advantage due to a penalty to the other team
  14. Short-handed – When a team is playing with fewer players due to a penalty
  15. Hat toss – When fans throw their hats onto the ice to celebrate a hat-trick
  16. Stickhandling – The ability to control the puck with the stick
  17. Slap shot – A hard shot with a full wind-up
  18. Wrist shot – A quick and accurate shot with a flick of the wrist
  19. Faceoff – When two players battle for control of the puck at the start of play
  20. Body check – When a player uses their body to hit an opponent
  21. One-timer – When a player shoots the puck without stopping or settling it first
  22. Breakaway – When a player gets behind the defense with only the goaltender to beat
  23. Toe drag – A move where the player drags the puck with the toe of their stick
  24. Sauce pass – A high, arcing pass
  25. Deke – A move where the player fakes out an opponent with a change of direction
  26. D-man – Short for defenseman
  27. PIM – Penalty minutes
  28. Stick tape – The tape wrapped around the stick to improve grip
  29. Neutral zone – The area of the ice between the two blue lines
  30. Backcheck – When a player hustles back on defense to prevent an opposing team’s scoring opportunity.